Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Cut That Horse Off

Recently eaten: fried oysters
Recent annoyance: that deep, deep sleep when fall comes that won't let you go in the morning.

Friends don't let friends drive a horse and buggy drunk. Especially if the horse is drunk, too.

Man killed in Romania by drunken horse
Traffic police tested a horse for being over the alcohol limit after it went out of control and killed an elderly man in the southwestern Romanian county of Gorj, the Ananova news agency said on Tuesday.

Police made the unusual request after an 86-year-old-man died from injuries sustained when he was hit by a cart, which was being pulled by a horse that "looked out of control."

Ion Iliuta, head of the local veterinary authority, said: "We never had such a request before. Maybe to see what kind of blood it is, yes, but to find out if the animal was drunk, never."

The blood test came back positive.

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