Friday, October 17, 2008

Gibb Me the BeeGees, or Gibb Me Death

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The rhythm may be good for CPR students, but their falsetto seems to have really put a kink in the dog-training class next door. By the way, excellent use of a reissue.

'Stayin' Alive' has near-perfect rhythm to help jump-start heart (CNN)
"Stayin' Alive" might be more true to its name than the Bee Gees ever could have guessed: At 103 beats per minute, the old disco song has almost the perfect rhythm to help jump-start a stopped heart.

In a small but intriguing study from the University of Illinois medical school, doctors and students maintained close to the ideal number of chest compressions doing CPR while listening to the catchy, sung-in-falsetto tune from the 1977 movie "Saturday Night Fever."

The American Heart Association recommends 100 chest compressions per minute, far more than most people realize, study author Dr. David Matlock of the school's Peoria, Illinois, campus said Thursday.

And while CPR can triple cardiac arrest survival rates when properly performed, many people hesitate to do it because they're not sure about keeping the proper rhythm, Matlock said.

He found that "Stayin' Alive," which has a way of getting stuck in your head anyway, can help with that.

"Come closer, child. The secret to life itself is in my beard."

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