Monday, July 31, 2006

Zooper Troupers

Recently eaten: sushi (22 pieces, to be exact)
Recent annoyance: that terrible headache you get from going from hot, hot weather into air conditioning, and then back out again

Damn, sometimes I really wish people would treat me the way zoo keepers treat their animals. I ahve been forcibly removed from my native climate and dropped into an artificial environment complete with box and gawking tourists. Where are my regular feedings? why does no one come to clean my cage? And why the heck isn't anyone making me meat ice cream?

Zoo fights heatwave with meat ice cream
"Zookeepers in the Swiss financial center of Zurich are feeding animals a diet of frozen berries, meat and bones to help them stay cool in the sweltering summer heat.

The "alternative ice cream" offered to animals instead of their usual fare has been a big hit with large cats, apes and wolves, Zurich Zoo said in a statement. "The ice cream should at least offer the animals a temporary way to cool down," it said.

The unusually high temperatures which have hit most of Europe are poised to make this July the hottest in Switzerland since 1983, experts say."

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