Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Give Me The Meat And No One Gets Hurt

Recently eaten: seafood pasta
Recent annoyance: cold sores

Talk about someone who needs some red meat and stat. I thought my hunger pangs were bad, but this guy...well, I have to hand it to him, he's real hungry.

Shocking Arrest
"An employee at McDonalds, 255 Lonsdale Ave., called for help at 3 a.m. after Cardoso used his fists to break open a plate glass window and enter the business, police allege.

The first police officers on the scene report seeing Cardoso inside McDonalds, wearing only boxer shorts and his blood that covered him from his head to his feet.

Police surrounded McDonalds and ordered Cardoso to surrender, officers report.

Cardoso, instead, jumped out of a broken window and fought with police, who report they could not get a good grip on him because of his strength and the blood and sweat that covered him.

He also fought with the police dog, punching it in the mouth and neck, police allege. Cardoso was able to crawl back to the broken window and Officer Ernest Pendergrass, who handles the police dog, pulled back the dog, fearing it would be injured by the jagged glass still in the window frame.

Cardoso escaped and jumped back into McDonalds through the broken window, police allege.

Police entered to find Cardoso standing on top of the milkshake machine, officers allege. As they approached, police say, Cardoso turned the machine on and began throwing handfuls of milkshake at the police and the police dog, officers allege."

Just get in line like everybody else, buddy.

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