Monday, July 17, 2006

A Pox On Your Homeowner

Recently eaten: meatballs (with gravy), rice, edamame
Recent annoyance: heat warnings

Back in ye goode olde days, it was common to put a pox or a hex on someone or on their entire family, or house as it were. I think this is a lost art that needs revival. Granted, in this day and age, we may need to do a little rebranding to update the look and feel of the hex. I'd call it a virus, but that is sort of taken already. Maybe I just need to update the substance of the hex. We're not talking shriveled crops, or dead livestock anymore. I need something worth casting like a hard-drive crash with no back-up disk available, or maybe losing your cell phone with no insurance to cover it.

Since I am now in the 5th or 6th day without hot water in the house, I think our landlady will be getting a very bad credit report very soon.


Emily said...

What! You have no hot water? I might join you in this hex--my house still does not have AC, and now our stove/oven is dead. Fun!

yostinator said...

I plan on hiding rotten fish up in the fireplace when I leave.