Friday, July 14, 2006

Too Bastille, Too Furious

Recently eaten: 1/2 chicken with tomato salad
Recent annoyance: lukewarm water

Today is Bastille Day, also known as the French Fourth of July (for all the US-centrics). July 14th is not just the day that the French Revolution began, it is also the 10th anniversary of Stargate SG-1, the longest running sci-fi series in television history. And while few Americans actually celebrate Bastille Day, I had some consumerist thoughts on taking advantage of yet another retailer opportunity.

  • The Home Store: "It's a Bas-STEAL of a Deal!"
  • Lance Bass: Bastille Day Album " A Very Lance BASStille Day"
  • Les Miserables: "Still Miserables and Free After All These Years"
  • V is for Vendetta: Movie re-release in theaters "V is for Very loosely based on the French Revolution"


Doskias said...

I'd be shocked if you really were the first one to come up with "It's a Bas-TEAL of a Deal!"

So, do the French celebrate their revolution the same way we do? Getting piss-drunk and lighting stuff on fire?

Phoebe said...

I hope so. The English equivalent is Guy Fawkes Day. I plan on celebrating by storming everything today, from my management meeting down to the bathroom! Vive le France!