Tuesday, January 27, 2009

A Different Kind of El Niño Phenomenon

Recently eaten: lemon pepper chicken
Recent annoyance: the snow won't last, I just know it

Can you really call this kid a prodigy? Does the nieghborhood brat who shoots cats with his BB gun count as a prodigy? Ok, well, maybe if he did it wearing tight pants and a cape. Just maybe.

Child matador, 11, kills six bulls (via BBC)
An 11-year-old Franco-Mexican boy has killed six young bulls in a single fight, despite moves to stop the event.

Michelito Lagravere has been bullfighting since he was four years old.

Last year several of Michelito's bullfights in France were banned after protests by animal rights groups.

This time the controversial spectacle was given a last minute go-ahead despite pressure from child protection and anti-bullfighting campaign groups.

"Child's play? Methinks not."

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