Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Eat the Rich

Recently eaten: scallops and fettuccine
Recent annoyance: dry hands

I kinda feel bad. Man, rich people were living it up in the 80s. Back then there weren't as many millionaires. Now any rube straight out of college with some programming experience can get rich. The unwashed masses turned against the wealthy and the beautiful. No more Robin Leach. No more pulling your yacht up to an awards show. And, now, it's affecting the hangers-on. What is this world coming to.

Rich cut back on payments to mistresses (WSJ)
You know times are tough when the rich start cutting costs on their mistresses.

According to a new survey by Prince & Assoc., more than 80% of multimillionaires who had extra-marital lovers planned to cut back on their gifts and allowances. Still, only 12% of the multimillionaire cheaters said they plan to give up on their lovers altogether for financial reasons.

“Rich people are getting hit, and they’re all expressing the need to curtail unnecessary spending,” said Russ Alan Prince, president of Prince & Assoc., a wealth-research firm based in Connecticut. “Lovers are part of the same calculation.”

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