Tuesday, October 07, 2008

Never Gonna Let You Down

Recently eaten: spinach and cheese ravioli
Recent annoyance: people who clearly miss that there is one line for multiple cashiers

How to I get a PhoebeVoter...or an ObamaVoter, for that matter?

Oops, I voted for Rick Astley 961 times (LA Times)
Wasting no time in getting their man elected "Best Act Ever," the large and mostly anonymous under-culture of Rick Astley fans has already deployed a device to defraud the voting on MTV Europe's website.

The "RickVoter" is a very basic utility that simply navigates to MTV's voting page and votes for Astley...over and over and over.

MTV mostly likely didn't bother to build a big security wall to defend against this kind of ballot stuffing, but it seems clear that having left the contest open to being tinkered with, they essentially guaranteed a win for Astley.

"It's not like he'll ever give you up."

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