Tuesday, July 08, 2008

Most Obvious Headline Award

Recently eaten: cornbread stuffing
Recent annoyance: why don't they just make pants in "shorty midget" size for the rest of us who don' have legs growing out of our necks?

This is sort of like reading the headline, "Frenchie snickers at Americans on holiday in Paris," or "Dane goes to barber and gets emo bangs."

Spaniard gored in San Fermin festival bull run (Yahoo News)
he running of the bulls through Pamplona on Tuesday left one man gored and four slightly injured during the annual San Fermin festival, the Spanish Red Cross said.

Hundreds of people and six fighting bulls, accompanied by steer, sprinted the half-mile (850-meter) route through cobblestone streets in just over two minutes, a relatively clean and fast run by San Fermin standards.

One Spaniard was gored in the thigh and treated at a city hospital, but was not in serious condition, the Red Cross said. Four other Spaniards were treated for bruises.

The first run on Monday took over four minutes and injured 13 people. None of them were gored.

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