Thursday, March 15, 2007

It's Shadow Time

Recently eaten: roast beef sub,
Recent annoyance: people who laugh outrageously at the sight of Rumsfeld or Cheney only to prove that they are truly liberal

This new service could really help feuding families. If Aunt Susan refuses to attend Dad's funeral because of Aunt Harriet's slight from decades ago, she could certainly view the body on the web and pay her last respects. Then again, I'd want to see the body up close and personal just to make sure it wasn't some fake dummy in a casket. I;m just saying that lots of people fake their deaths for various reasons. I'm not saying I'd be one of them, I'm just saying you'd better make sure they are really dead.

Netcasting Funerals

Undertaker Jim Clarke (no, not
that Jim Clark) is offering to Netcast services from his Northern Ireland funeral home. The service is an optional freebie in their funeral package. From the BBC News:

The firm installed a network of cameras and microphones in the churches attached to their funeral homes in Bangor and Newtownards.

"The pictures are so clear that people watching can see the faces of everyone in the crowd, and hear everything clearly, so they can spot relatives they might not have seen in years," said Jim.

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