Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Ready, Shame, Fire!

Recently eaten: lo mein, other half of an avocado (I know this is suppoed to be day 1 of the low-cholesterol diet, but I can't let lo mein go bad)
Recent annoyance: scratching my mosquito bites feels really good

As if the Poles aren't already the butt of so many jokes. Maybe the priests will also read out the names of people who steal post-it notes from work, eat a grape from a bunch at the supermarket, or read magazines then put them back without buying them.

Priests asked to shame drunk drivers
"WARSAW - Prosecutors in overwhelmingly Catholic Poland have asked priests to read out the names of drink-drivers from the pulpit as part of efforts to reduce the country's high road death rate.

Church leaders have not said yet whether they will support the scheme, aimed to shame drivers into sobriety.

"We post the names of convicted drunk drivers at town halls," said Rafal Grabia, a prosecutor in the mountain town of Zywiec in southern Poland. "But who reads that? The information is not reaching family, friends and neighbors."

More than 98,000 have died on Polish roads since 1991, making Poles 2.5 times more likely to die in road accidents than Swedes or U.K. citizens, European Union figures show."

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DALE said...

You should see our death rates for kitchen appliances...