Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Cry, The Beloved Country!

Recently eaten: brown rice, lentils, beets, hunk of pork tenderloin
Recent annoyance: dry heels

We hail from a generation of crybabies. Oh, the Sun is too hot and it's melting our polar ice caps and giving skin cancer! I don't like the Administration, and I don't like to vote in state or federal elections! All my money ran away from m wallet at the bar! Well, there's plenty more to cry about, and what better way to experience catharsis but during a snack or daily meal.

Blubber into a bowl of cereal, or sniffle into a snackbar! It feels good and it doesn't do anything to help the situation! Check out the link below to see video of people doing just that.

Crying While Eating

Waaah! Social security will be nothing but a mere memory by the time I retire!

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