Monday, August 28, 2006


Recently eaten: macaroni and beef
Recent annoyance: techno songs that aren't in a Sea World commercial, but sound like they should be

The P.Lee Headquarters have no officially moved back north to Columbia Heights. Operations continue to run smoothly and we do no anticipate any interruptions in service. Pity us until we have cable.

Beef in the City is now upgraded to Blogger Beta. This means that I have added more bells and whistles, only encouragning my delusion that peope actually read this thing. The labels are the newest addition, for finding all posts related to birds and/or sharks.

I turn the big 2-5 today. It is the silver anniversary of my birth. All plata can be sent to my new address. It must be piled up in a single room until it reaches the ceiling, otherwise, I will kill your Sun God. Oops, sorry, wrong civilization. Actually, please send me one of these tacky, silver-plated roses.


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