Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Business Carded

Recently eaten: hot pocket (ham & cheddar)
Recent annoyance: process

I am in the business of many things and people. You all know this about me. So, why not have a business card that reflects my professional and personal interests? I'll refer to it as a calling card more than a business card, although I do feel strongly about presenting my "business" in screaming, vivid color.

Vistaprint offers free business cards (excluding shipping). What I need now is to come up with a totally kick-ass motto, mission statement, and title. I am toying with the following ideas:

  • "Where have I been all your life?"
  • "Why? Because hanging out with me just feels sooo good!"
  • "#1 rated by customers for being totally awesome"
  • "Victim of Fun"
  • "High on life, and spreading the word."
  • "Not Bruce Lee's sister, but just as kick-a$$"
And for some tips on your own calling cards, check out Valleywag


kathryn said...

i vote for victim of fun.
short and to the point. like you. ha!

yostinator said...

I like "Where have I been all your life?", because it suggests that you have no idea where you have been all my life.