Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Long in The Tooth

Recently eaten: more chicken burrito
Recent annoyance: people in winter jackets when it's 60 degrees outside

So I came across a very telling graph of tooth loss by State. I was surprised to find our fair District in the middle of the pack. From what I have seen, I surmised that we would hit at least somewhere near 28%. After a little digging, I also found a relevant stat of wooden rollercoasters by state. I am no statistician or sociologist, but there doesn't seem to be any correlation between tooth loss (natural) and wooden rollercoasters. Although there may evidence for unnatural tooth loss to be related to alcohol consumption. You can do the math by looking at the binge drinking stats (GO WISCONSIN!)

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pen. said...

but how can we trust these 'statistics' - tennessee as #50 in binge drinking - even beating utah? no way man. the home of jack daniels more sober than mormons? never! you can't make me believe those number things!