Friday, April 14, 2006

Eskimo Pie: A Thing of the Past

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Global Warming's Next Casualty: Igloos
"It's becoming harder to find the right snow to build an igloo, and melting permafrost is turning land into mud. With climate change the nature of the Arctic is changing, too, in ways that worry the people who live there."

This just seems kind of sad. What's next? Ice cream cones? Frozen margaritas? Snow men? For all those people out there who think that global warming is a big fat hoax (ahem, Michael "I kiss dinosaurs" Crichton), you've got to acknowledge the quality of life issues at stake here.

Say good bye to ice cubes in your lukewarm glass of chardonnay. Lose an appendage in a heavy machinery accident and want that little slice of you to make it to the hospital in viable condition for re-attachment? Fuhgeddaboutit. And what about the American Eskimos...or whatever the PC term is. Where are they going to store their whale blubber? Certainly not in their half-melted igloo made of subpar snow. Think about someone other than yourslef for once and buy in to global warming. Sheesh.

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intimmydator said...

But what about the Slim-a-bears?