Friday, March 03, 2006

Skinny Dipping and Chlorine in the Gene Pool

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So maybe those pro-lifers don't have it wrong afterall. Once we pick out all the genetically unfortunate, we can truly have a utopian society. Sigh, if only it were truly that simple to get rid of the undesirables. I mean, even the mutants need a little loving. Isn't that what the X-Men taught us? Isn't that what Professor X would have wanted? (WWPD - What Would Professor X Do?)

Why we have sex: it's cleansing
"Scientists have long wondered why organisms bother with sexual reproduction. It makes a whole lot more sense to just have a bunch of females that can clone themselves, which is how asexual reproduction works.

Turns out sex might have evolved as a way to concentrate lots of harmful mutations into individual organisms so they could be easily weeded out by natural selection, a new computer model suggests.

The classic explanation for the onset of whoopee, about 1 billion years ago, is that it provides a way for organisms to swap and shuffle genes and to create offspring with new gene combinations that might survive if the environment suddenly changes.

But some scientists think this isn't enough of a justification to outweigh the many costs of getting together to make little ones. Just ask any single person—sexual organisms have to spend valuable time and resources finding and attracting mates.

If all organisms were like starfishes and cacti, which just drop pieces of themselves when they want to multiply, reproduction would be a whole lot simpler. There would be no need for elaborate peacock feathers or bird songs; stags wouldn't need antlers; elephant bulls wouldn't have to produce stinky cologne and guys probably wouldn't spend so much money on dates."

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