Monday, December 12, 2005

Holiday Hyrax

Recently eaten: lots o'meatballs
Recent annoyance: the no-warning nosebleed in public
(graphic courtesy of J. Yo)

"The holidays," so to speak, are the months of November and December. Or as I like to call it, pre-Chinese New Year Chinese New Year. It seems everyone's got a religious or pagan holiday to fill up these two months with booze and food porn. Oh, it's Jesus' birthday. Oh, praise God we have enough oil for EIGHT nights. Oh, the OC is my life!

Well, this year, I'm going to live it up like a holiday hyrax. What is a hyrax, you ask? It's a small mammal that lives in Africa and the Sinai region. And it's probably related to the elephant. This little guy is big pimping.

The hyrax: more elephant than rodent

Yeah, just imagine what Christmas year round would be like...
So rad.

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