Thursday, October 02, 2008

One Pot, No Hassle

Recently eaten: green grapes
Recent annoyance: I can't find that $5 off coupon that I was saving, and was actually going to use

I had no idea the humble rice cooker is being used in so many homes around the world, but I like it.

The Steamy Way to Dinner (
SHIRLEY CHAN, a Chinese-American Web site designer, was born in Hong Kong, lives in Brooklyn, and has never cooked a pot of rice in her life. “One billion Chinese people cannot be wrong about rice,” she said: virtually every household has at least a basic rice cooker. As a child, it was her chore before each meal to wash the rice, measure it into the machine, and press the button. “It always, always comes out perfect,” she said. “Until I came here, I never even knew rice could burn.”

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