Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Cheers and Jeers

Recently eaten: mole
Recent annoyance: will the mosquitoes find me wherever I go?

From my recent trip to Mexico...

Cheers to the people in the security line who let my sweaty self through so I could catch my flight back home.

Jeers to Mexicana Airlines for popping my suitcase out last even though the giant green ticket on it said "Immediate Connection."

Cheers to the very friendly Oaxacans who pointed me in the right direction every time, just blocks from my actual destination.

Jeers to the dude in the zocalo who wanted me to check him out at his job at the Textile Museum.

Cheers to the startled hotel clerk who acted not surprised when we forced the automatic door of the Holiday Open at 1 AM and asked for 2 business cards.

Jeers to the 2 strange interlopers who bum rushed our cooking class and then volunteered to cook every dish.

Cheers to my chicken mole. delish.

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