Monday, April 14, 2008

Thats Knot Fare!

Recently eaten: teriyaki steak
Recent annoyance: gray between whether two over-the-counter Claritin equals one Claritin-D

I'll admit, I get all patriotic and uppity when the French keep saying that Americans and English-speakers are ruining the world. I'll have tou know that there are plenty of Americans and English-speakers that believe that stupid people are ruining the world and proper use of language. I admit that that I am a bit of a typo criminal whenh it comes to emails and blog posts. It's not pretty, but I admit it.

I guess these two guys are on a mission. So you'd better mind your p's, q's and everything in between. ( I don't even know if that was the correct use of apostrophes)

Linguistic Pedants of the World Unite - (Guardian article)

Typo Hunt Across America - (Blog)

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