Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Who Let the Killer Robot Out?

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This story isn't about what I thought it was. Here I was thinking that someone had unleashed an army of killer robots on the unwitting Australian populace as a test run for the larger continents of Asia, Europe and north America. Nope, just some old dude with a death wish.

Killer robot shoots man dead on driveway
An 81-year-old man has shot himself dead with an elaborate suicide robot built using plans downloaded from the internet.

The Gold Coast man, who lived alone, left notes of his plans and thoughts as he struggled to come to terms with demands by interstate relatives that he move out his home and into care.

He spent hours searching the internet for a way to kill himself, downloaded what he needed and then built a complex machine that would remotely fire a gun.

He set the device up in his driveway about 7am yesterday, placed himself in front of it and set it in motion.

His notes explained that he chose the driveway as he knew there were tradesmen working next door who would find his body. The plan worked as the workmen heard the gunshots and ran to investigate.

The machine was attached to a .22 semi-automatic pistol loaded with four bullets.

It was able to fire multiple shots into the man's head after he activated it.

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