Wednesday, November 21, 2007


Recently eaten: pork meat cake
Recent annoyance: my browser still thinks I am in China

All right, I admit blogging about my trip was way more labor-intensive than I thought it would be. And taking my camera out at every meal just wasn't going to be possible especially when I am hungry. When my family sits down to eat, it's best not to put any fingers or valuables in jeopardy. So I'll slowly leak the remainder of the details of my trip now that I am back Stateside. I do have some things I am thankful for now that I am home:

  1. Real toilets
  2. Personal space
  3. Walkable sidewalks
  4. Relatively coal-dust free air
  5. Mattresses
  6. Other kinds of people who aren't Chinese

1 comment:

Lisa said...

what about the relative lack of gov't censorship? Or isn't that safe to talk about, yet, if your computer still thinks it should be doing a loyalty dance to Mao...