Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Pour One Out For My Pumpkin

Recently eaten: italian sub
Recent annoyance: it's October people, give me a break on the heat and the mosquitoes

I thought this was a pretty cool and seasonal idea. I ahve no idea how brewing beer in a pumpkin might affect the taste or hygiene of said beer, but who cares. Smashing a beer-filled pumpkin is way cooler than just throwing one of the ones with seeds in it.

Btw, I went pumpkin patching for the first time recently. I wasn't really feeling it. The patch was full of vines and rotting pumpkins. There were small children underfoot trying to roll enormous pumpkins around which was a lawsuit waiting to happen. And then you have to carry the mofo out of there yourself. No thanks, Whole Foods has perfectly respectable jack-o-lanterns.

Brewing in a pumpkin

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