Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Recently eaten: turkey chili
Recent annoyance: mysterious stain on the bus seat that might be old or might be fresh

I thought those Pamprin commercials on Oh! were bad enough, making women look like out-of-control slaves to their exploding uteri. This, however, takes the cake. Clearly this woman, hysterical from some hormonal imbalance, has lost control of her faculties and stolen enough chocolate to satiate her maniacal cravings. Beware, shop owners, hormonal women will ruin capitalism!

Packing fudge: Woman arrested for stealing $70 worth of fudge
A Maryland woman with a purse completely "packed" with fudge was arrested last week in the Maryland House Hotel where she was found, covered in chocolate and crying hysterically, on on a lobby sofa. The sofa was also stained with chocolate.

Catherine Anne Delgado, 35, had "chocolate smeared on her arms and shirt, and there was so much unwrapped chocolate in her purse that it was spilling out onto a hotel sofa." Delgado had apparently tried to flush the bricks of fudge down a hotel toilet, which, according to the police report posted on The Smoking Gun, "stopped up the toilet."

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