Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Take a Right at the Light

Recently eaten: tuna melt and cream soda
Recent annoyance: stealth mosquitoes

I guess of all the destructive things to do when hopped up on cocaine, making crazy 8s in an empty field isn't so bad. I was thinking that they could have dipped the guy in paint, had him run around on a huge canvas and then used the profit from selling the artwork to get him into rehab. And if any of you readers steal that idea, I'll know it was you.

Drug addled driver makes mess of farmer's field
It may look like the latest aliens to land on our planet have been drinking and driving, but these bizarre patterns, discovered in a corn field in Holland, have a much more mundane explanation.

They were made by a drug user who was attempting to escape from police in his father's car. The man had been using cocaine.

Four police cars were damaged in a desperate attempt to prevent the crazed driver from reaching public roads, but they could not save the crop from irreparable damage.

In the end, the man was captured when he crashed the car into a ditch.

Newest NASCAR track

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