Wednesday, June 06, 2007

MIdnight Train to Georgia

Recently eaten: potato leek soup
Recent annoyance: people on the bus that do not know how to exit or stand properly

Poor, Tomislav. I guess he finally gave up the ghost on the tram. It's not a bad way to die. I always fall asleep when riding public transportation, it seems kind of peaceful. Although, I wonder how many people have died in the seat I am sitting on in the metro or on the bus. Probably best not to think about it. Although, based on some of the mutants who ride the bus with me, I would prefer a dead mutant to any other mutant activities in my seat.

Dead man rides on tram all night
A Croatian man who boarded a night tram and died in his seat rode through the city for more than six hours before the driver discovered he was dead, a Croatian daily reported Monday.

The 61-year old, identified as Tomislav K., boarded a tram shortly before midnight Friday. He soon fell asleep and died as the tram rolled on through the night and most passengers trickled out, the Jutarnji List said.

Toward the morning, he remained the only traveler.

The driver, separated by a glass partition from the rest of the tram, tried to wake him up at the end of his shift and realized he was dead, the daily said.

The police put the death down to natural causes but are still awaiting post-mortem results, it said.

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