Thursday, March 08, 2007

Cave And Cave Not

Recently eaten: chicken shawarma
Recent annoyance: the uneasy truce between public buses and taxicabs

Other sitcom pilot pitches considered:

  1. AFLAC Goose migrates south to find out why it never worked out with his ex-girlfriends
  2. Comcast Slowsky Turtles move in the Gecko -- reptilian antics ensue
  3. Unicorn faces extreme predjuduce in the deep south
The B.C. Sitcom for P.C. Times
Sitcom-challenged ABC -- struggling to launch shows in the face of all those humorless groups that have killed TV comedy by rendering off-limits all the good jokes about blacks, Hispanics, Muslims, Jews, Christians, gays, women, stutterers, the physically challenged, Tom Cruise if he's working on a movie for your studio, the Amish and even Beverly hillbillies -- thinks it finally may have found the lobby-proof sitcom joke butt:


ABC has ordered a pilot for a comedy called "Cavemen," starring the three guys in the Geico car insurance ads.

In the sitcom -- one of 16 the network has ordered as it puts together next season's prime-time slate -- the three cavemen live in the suburbs of modern-day Atlanta (which perhaps the network feels is closer to the Paleolithic era than, say, Manhattan). There, they suffer from the prejudice of others, in much the same way they have since Geico first claimed in its ads that its Web site is so easy to use "even a caveman can do it."

"We felt it was a way of doing a social satire without offending any particular group -- other than cavemen," an ABC network spokeswoman told The TV Column on condition that she be allowed to toil in anonymity. "It's just a big, noisy, fun idea."

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