Tuesday, March 06, 2007

I Love the Smell of Fresh Napalm and Feta in the Morning

Recently eaten: spaghetti, feta, meaballs
Recent annoyance: the post office is so far away...and I have to mail my taxes

I am into my second week of the new job. It doesn't look like most people eat breakfast at work, so my four-course starters have raised some eyebrows. I noticed one of the administrative assistants eyeing my turkey chili last week, but said nothing. And I am not sure of my office mate has noticed the distinct smell of meat and cheese lingering in the morning when he comes in. I tried turning on my little fan to blow the odor right out, but the hot afternoon sun seems to only intensify the onion smell from the burrito I just ate. Well, maybe it will mask the KFC.

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