Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Blood Is Thicker Than Water, But Not As Potent As Coca Cola

Recently eaten: turkey and gouda sandwich
Recent annoyance: ripping off bandaids

I donated blood today. Don't worry, it was my own. I have given blood before and I've never had complications. Well, today was my day. First, the nurse tells me that my blood pressure is borderline. This, after she has run through about 8,000 questions about selling my body for drugs, snorting cocaine, injecting drugs that aren't my own, and traveling in Europe. Secondly, I start filling the bag so fast, my brain puts the short hold on any new thoughts except for feeling like I am going to puke. All the other normal donors are sitting in their chairs looking at me with my legs in the air, washcloths all over my head and neck, sipping on a can of Coke. Why can't I ever just do something like a normal person?

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Brendan said...

What? That's how I always drink a Coke.