Tuesday, February 13, 2007

A Wintry Mix

Recently eaten: pasta with chicken and mozzarella
Recent annoyance: still doing my taxes

My brain is too fried for a real post, so here are some random thoughts:

  1. I look like I fell off the back of a truck...albeit a fabulously wealthy truck
  2. My ants seem unhappy, they yearn for something more.
  3. I find hemmed jeans distasteful
  4. Yesterday, the grocery store cashier complimented the way I artfully stacked my groceries on the conveyor belt
  5. I had a dream that a boat was trying to run me over


deej said...

i too find hemmed jeans distasteful. i dreamt i was in africa with delaney and there was an old cotton plantation and i kept drinking the water.

Phoebe said...

GROSS -to everything