Thursday, February 15, 2007

It's A Doggie Dog World*

Recently eaten: pasta marinara with chicken
Recent annoyance: one of my feet seems to have shrunken overnight anf keeps falling out of a shoe that fit perfectly yesterday

*I used to think that's what "dog-eat-dog world" was

So, I have been subjecting the other patrons at my busstop to a little psychological warfare. Every morning I take the 7:10 bus. So do a lot of other people. There is an unspoken order at the busstop itself. Those who arrive first stand right by the sign and anyone who arrives later stands in the order they came to the side of that person. Now, we all see each other every morning so we know who takes the 7:05 H3 and who is waiting for the H1. Those who take the H3 are allowed to break the hierarchy because they take an earlier bus.

Meanwhile, the little old ladies who take the H1 often try to move up on me when the H3 people are boarding. They cackle and whisper to their friends, then park themselves right at the sign in front of me. I am on to their little game. If anyone is out to beat some little old ladies at their own game, it's ME.

The past couple of mornings I stand further from the sign. I wait until the H3 boards and wait for the ladies to reposition. Then I just walk up and park myself by the front door of the H1 when it arrives. Some might call my behavior morally reprehensible. Touche.

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deej said...

you show those old ladies who's boss! i have issue with similar not as old but way fat ladies who wait for my office shuttle and even though you were obviously there first they scoot in front of you. wtf?