Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Come On Knock On Our Door, We've Been Waiting For You!

Recently eaten: chicken lo mein
Recent annoyance: dry contact lenses

Sometimes I wonder what our apartment would be like if JYo and I were gamers...and then I read something like this and praise Allah that we are nice, normal girls. I wonder if you would have to bring your own gaming chair, or if they would put you through your paces on World of Warcraft as poart of your roommate interview. Maybe they'll just bring in a robot to fill the spot.

World of Housecraft
"Take two wacky Asian boys, one crazy white girl, the world's biggest MMO and a SOMA apartment for rent and what have you got? Why, World of Housecraft of course!

This ad looking for a roommate surfaced on Craig's List a few days ago and has been subsequently taken down, but thanks to Digg and mirror sites, the image was saved for posterity. Not only is it possibly the nerdiest apartment ad ever, but also the most creative. Someone obviously spent a lot of time creating this image to entice a fellow Warcrafter into their home for fun and geeky times gathered around the glowing warmness of the computer screen's warming glow.

Why the ad was pulled is unknown. Perhaps it was a copyright issue or maybe they just found the perfect person to fill their little house with the geek love it so sorely needs and deserves."

(click on the pic for the full-size version)

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