Monday, December 18, 2006


Okay I promised you pics, so here they are:

The cubicle in question

So many dancing little time to pull really quality office pranks
The wastebasket
The chair, wrapped for your hygienic protection
Some random post-its
A festive, and mysterious bottle of lotion
Who needs that many pens? It took 15 minutes just to wrap each one.

The phone was a masterpiece, in and of itself.
Mouse and mousepad
Holiday sneezes
The new and improved computer
Oh boy, oh boy, I hope it's a coloring book
Functional yet stylish file drawers
More file folders


Emily said...

OMG, Phoebe. You're too much!

Adri said...

That is incredible! I particularly like the individually wrapped pens, although the file drawers are a close second. Well played!

Bro Robin said...

That's amazing, I may have to try it!

Steve Schnier said...

That's evil. In a nice, Christmassy kind of way.

Garth Danielson said...

I saw your site on Boing Boing and thought that was great. I enjoy fun wrapping things. 1500 feet of crepe paper makes a nice wrapping. Who know what's in that big ball. Hope it's something good.
Last year for a work gift exchange I wrapped over 100 things and put them in a large tool box and wrapped that. Here are pictures

thanks for the laugh. That was Time Well Wasted.


Paul said...

Tell me your co-worker is not a guy, because the tissues and hand lotion would be... well, conspicuous.

Great prank! I love how you wrapped the post-its, and well.. just about everything!

PPC said...

My favorite is the bow on the mouse. Classy!

Gina said...

That is so freakin' hilarious!!! I will have to do this next year... with a team of helpers of course!