Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Survivor: The Single Pagan's Edition

Recently eaten: chicken on rosemary foccaccia sandwich Recent annoyance: when the copier takes about 3 days to "warm up"

I have made it through one more holiday weekend, and as my friends start to trickle back in to the city. Let's all be thankful for a few things this new year that we can't exactly say about years past:

  1. I didn't drink all the leftover wine in the refrigerator
  2. Luckily, I am find myself single again and did not profess my love to anyone
  3. The Von Trapps, as always, triumphed over the Nazis
  4. No hazing myself for the second straight year in a row
  5. No gas fireplaces
And, finally, let's all be thankful that we do not live near open water where killer dolphins might leap out and kill us. God bless us, everyone!

"A New Zealand woman is in critical condition in hospital after being crushed by a dolphin that leaped on to her boat, media reported on Wednesday.

The 27-year-old woman had been watching from the bow of the small boat cruising among the marine mammals off the North Island's Coromandel Peninsula on Tuesday when the bottlenose dolphin landed on her, the New Zealand Herald said.

She suffered serious head injuries and was flown to hospital in Auckland.
The dolphin also smashed the boat's windshield and bow rails before jumping back into the ocean, witnesses told the Herald.

Coast guard official Steve Taylor said the dolphin probably got over-excited and jumped on to the boat, although he had never heard of such an incident before."

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