Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Orange You Going To Arrest Me?

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Recent annoyance:

Yet another strange quirk of the Japanese. they apaprently keep these orange balloons of foul-smelling stuff by their counters so if they get robbed, they can throw them at the offender. Yeah, this is what you get when most Japanese criminals don't carry guns. I bet a samurai sword would right through one of those bad boys.

Orange balls to throw at bad people
"They are round, colourful and embedded deep in the Japanese retail culture. Every bank and post office has two at each teller’s booth. They are hard to miss at convenience stores, and you wont enter another Japanese “gasoline stand” without seeing one. What are they? I am talking about Orange Balls of course. If you have lived in Japan for any amount of time, you must have seen them (you certainly will after watching this video anyway!)."

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