Monday, September 25, 2006

The Bad News

Recently eaten: turkey bits in gravy and fake mashed potatoes
Recent annoyance: the little end plastic thing to a price tag that sometimes gets caught in your clothes and pokes into your back

So I have been in this terribly repressive and grumpy mood for the past 25 years. The bad news is that I have made changes to my diet (thank you very much genetics and high cholesterol) that have made my bad mood even badder. It's all making so much sense now. In all those horror and monster movies, the evil lizard creature always calms down after a quick bite. Okay, so I can't go around biting people (at least on a regular basis -- the attacks should look random). I found some helpful diet tips to keep your mood up and, in fact, I was following many of these suggestions. So the bad news is that my previous modd was actually my "good mood." And the even worse news is that it ain't getting any better. It must ahve some sort of inverse relationship to my cholesterol score.

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