Thursday, June 22, 2006

A Picture Is Worth A Thousand Dollars, Sometimes

Recently eaten: chicken and rice
Recent annoyance: people who say, "oh, it's not that bad" because sometimes it is

Living in Washington, D.C., I have encountered various people with delusions of grandeur that their on-the-rise political careers will be crushed by that random picture of them wearing a sombrero licking tequila off of a barmaid dressed as a mule. I say to these poor dreamers, 'tough cookies'. Alcoholism and debauchery didn't hurt Dubya's rise to power, so a few mildly scandalous pics of you at the roller rink certainly won't keep you from becoming the only representative from Wyoming. Seriously.

P.S. For all you ruiners, upload your career-ending pictures here at Extortr


intimmydator said...

Speaking of, I ran into Mr. "Please destroy all pictures of me with booze" himself last night.
Guess what? Still a d-bag.

yostinator said...

I would rather have an incriminating picture of me drinking out there than a book written by a cab driver that quotes me as saying, "Oh I'll shave my legs, AND my crotch hairs!"