Thursday, April 20, 2006

I Was Born A Snakehandler, And I'll Die A Snakehandler

Recently eaten: lobster risotto
Recent annoyance: the feeling that your eyelids are going to close and that they may never open again...and that's kind of okay

I'm not a very religious person. Sure, sometimes I read Dianetics for kicks while I'm on the can, but I won't be wearing special underwear or giving up 10% of my paycheck yet. However, having watched this video, I am considering coverting to the Church of Jesus *$@#! Christ of the Latter Day *%$#@!. I am posting this link because there are some funny comments below as well (i.e. "man, that guy has one giant ass tooth in the front of his mouth. that was tripping me out.")

Enjoy The Spirit of the Mother*%$#@! Truth

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