Wednesday, April 05, 2006

The Breast Laid Plans...

Recently eaten: banana pudding, gala apple, lasagna
Recent annoyance: jet lag

This is probably the same woman who sued McDonald's because her hot coffee was quite hot indeed!

Boss sued over breat attention
"A woman who had breast enlargement surgery to transform her B-cup to a DD-cup is taking her boss to court for looking at her breasts too often.

Sabrina Pace, 26, who works at a Cardiff car-hire firm, said that after she returned to work following her breast operation, her manager, David Ford, began to pay her unwanted attention.

At an employment tribunal this week, she said Ford had suggested she pose for a calendar.

"You will have to close your cardigan, Sabrina, unless you want me to talk to your breasts," he is alleged to have told her.

The tribunal failed to support her claim of harassment."

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