Thursday, January 12, 2006

Cathartic Post #9

Recently eaten: cajun turkey
Recent annoyance: my pants don't fit

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I radiated a piece of french toast this morning and it came to life. You never really know when you radiate something whether it will come to life evil or good. And I'm actually still not sure which way this guy falls. My teeth are sharper than his, so I guess he can't be all bad. He seems pretty grateful to be alive, and let's me ride on his head and tell him what to do and stuff. I contemplated directing him to find Hilary Duff and eat her. But then I realized that he smells strongly of maple syrup and would never get past security.

I plugged a couple of black eyed peas so he wouldn't look so creepy without eyes and just a big gaping mouth. He must have some extra sensory french toast perception because he can get around just find without my direction. i am getting a little fed up with him though because he built a meth lab in our basement. That's probably why a cockaroach got tracked into the house too. It's his business if he wants to run his little show downstairs, but I am beginning to get worried that the house will blow up.

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