Tuesday, December 20, 2005

If Shooting You Is Wrong, I Don't Want To Be Right

Recently eaten: meatball, provolone cheese wrap
Recent annoyance: people on the bus who jam all their coins into that little slot and then can't figure out why the money won't go in

Santa teaches the kids a valuable lesson in patience and gun-control.

Santa Claus 'shoots' crying children
"A foul-mouthed Santa Claus has left children in tears after swearing at them.

The Santa, 73, became angry when his grotto was due to close and waiting children refused to leave.

He emerged from his grotto, swore and called the children brats. He then held his hand out and pretended to shoot at them with his fingers.

Mavis Clark, who took her grandson Daniel, 8, to see Santa at the Grinch's Grotto in Grimsby said Santa's behaviour ruined the boy's Christmas."

Why Santa? Why would you say that, you poop-mouth?

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